70.7V Volume Control

The family of MSC-V controls are for use with 70.7V sound system. Modules are available with 25W, 50W, 75W or 100W. Please specify the value of watts required when making your order. The MSC-V is built with a simple decorative plate assembly which requires a simple models for 25W, 50W & 100W, or a double box 4x4" for the 75W model 2x3 rectangular electrical box. The volume control knob on each MSC-V comes in the same color coordinated plate. The boxes required for assembly of the MSC-V are not included with the product and are completed with decorative plates HPS model. The connections on the back of the module are made with 4-pin, European-style (terminal block), in the case of 25W versions, 50W & 100W and wire colors for 75W version. Models are available in brown color, cream or white.

$ 55.30